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More Information About Our Superb Construction Cleaning!

Chepina's Cleaning & Painting LLC has been a reliable janitorial service provider since 2020, and we’ve been offering our services to countless residential and commercial customers in the Phoenix, AZ area. We’ve been able to build a reputation of excellence and trust because we work hard and never settle for less. We will exert every effort to meet your satisfaction since we want to earn your trust as the cleaners for your home.

Reliable Janitorial Service

Reliable Janitorial Service

What We Do

We like to be as organized as possible when we’re on the job, and that’s why we have a process that we follow every time. We will make every effort to earn your satisfaction because we want to be the cleaners you can trust. After visiting your property to evaluate the condition, we will make our construction cleaning or other services available. We will talk to you and figure out what you need from us. When we have a strategy in place, we’ll put it into action so that your property is spotless when we depart.

The Values We Have

Having contractors at your side who are committed to providing wonderful service every time is always beneficial! Because we are aware that consumers desire construction cleaning and other services, we put a lot of time and attention into refining them. We want to be the company that customers turn to and call when they are in need.

Call Chepina's Cleaning & Painting LLC right away at (602) 460-9332. Request our reliable janitorial service for your home or business to free yourself from a time-consuming yet vital task! You may still have the cleaning you want, but you don’t have to do it by yourself—ask us to help! If you reside in the Phoenix, AZ neighborhood and want a thorough cleaning of your home, don’t worry—just count on us!

Services List

  • Deep Cleaning
  • Window Cleaning
  • Patio Cleaning
  • Interior Painting
  • Exterior Painting